2024 Journeyman Prep

June 17, 18, 19, 20th & 24th from 5:30 to 9:30pm

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Passing the Journeyman/Wireman Exam

The time has come for you to pass the Journeyman/Wireman exam. Becoming a licensed electrician requires a basic understanding of the NEC Codebook and more responsibility on the job site. When you choose to educate yourself with Cisneros Training Group, you can be sure that the knowledge gained in the 20-hour course will assist in your confident outlook on the field.

Whether it is sizing your wire or choosing your boxes, all that is needed for you to pass your test is your willingness to focus, … focus, … focus.

Mr. Cisneros has been teaching Journeyman/Wireman Prep  since 1999 and has a consistent passing rate. To pass the test, there should be study time outside of the class using the methods covered in the training course. When you come to Cisneros Training Group do not hesitate to ask questions.

Mr. Cisneros is here to help you along the way and offers one-on-one tutoring. Come to Cisneros Training Group for the new challenge in your life and experience the dedication that Mr. Cisneros puts forth into every new class he teaches!


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