2024 Master Prep

May 18, 19th from 8am to 5pm
May 20, 21st from 5:30 to 9:30pm


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Passing the Master Electrician Exam

One of the biggest challenges an electrician will face is passing the Master Electrician Exam. The sacrifice is minimal compared to the status and benefits of being a Master Electrician. The CISNEROS TRAINING GROUP offers detailed information on how to pass your exam. The class is an intense 24-hour course designed to enhance the electricians understanding of the NEC codebook, including key terms, definitions, and calculations.

Mr. Cisneros walks you through his course with professionalism and courtesy. He is willing to help you along the way and offers one-on-one tutoring outside of the Master Prep class. Everything presented in the 24-hour course is an accumulation of over 35 years of field experience.

Mr. Cisneros also understands the questions electricians ask and includes this perspective into his curriculum. He uses Powerpoint presentations for visual impact and structures his class around the main goal of passing the exam.

One of the goals of CISNEROS TRAINING GROUP is to help you focus on the exam to the fullest and carry on the knowledge for years to come.

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