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Continuing Education

CTG-020 Laws Safety NEC Grounding & Bonding

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Electrical & Sign Contractors

Master - Journeyman - Wireman - Apprentice


Upcoming 2023
Continuing Education Classes

January 18, 5:30 to 9:30pm

February 9, 8:00 to 12:00pm

February 11, 8am to 12pm (Kerrville, TX)

February 15, 5:30 to 9:30pm

February 21, 8am to 12pm

February 25, 9am to 1pm

Call 210-735-8846 for more info. on next class date.

Passing the Master Electrician Exam

One of the biggest challenges an electrician will face is passing the Master Electrician Exam. The
sacrifice is minimal compared to the status and benefits of being a Master Electrician. The CISNEROS TRAINING GROUP offers detailed information on how to pass your exam.

The class is an intense 24-hour course designed to enhance the electricians understanding of the NEC codebook, including key terms, definitions, and calculations. Mr. Cisneros walks you through his course with professionalism and courtesy. He is willing to help you along the way and offers one-on-one tutoring outside of the Master Prep class.

Everything presented in the 24-hour course is an accumulation of over 40 years of field experience. Mr. Cisneros also understands the questions electricians ask and includes this perspective into his curriculum. He uses Powerpoint presentations for visual impact and structures his class around the main goal of passing the exam.

One of the goals of CISNEROS TRAINING GROUP is to help you focus on the exam to the fullest and carry on the knowledge for years to come.

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Call 210-735-8846 for more info. on next class date.


Passing the Journeyman/Wireman Exam

The time has come for you to pass the Journeyman/Wireman exam. Becoming a licensed electrician requires a basic understanding of the NEC Codebook and more responsibility on the job site. When you choose to educate yourself with Cisneros Training Group, you can be sure that the knowledge gained in the 24-hour course will assist in your confident outlook on the field.

Whether it is sizing your wire or choosing your boxes, all that is needed for you to pass your test is your willingness to focus, … focus, … focus.

Mr. Cisneros has been teaching Journeyman/Wireman Prep since 1999 and has a consistent passing rate. To pass the test, there should be study time outside of the class using the methods covered in the training course. 

When you come to Cisneros Training Group do not hesitate to ask questions.
Mr. Cisneros is here to help you along the way and offers one-on-one tutoring. Come to Cisneros Training Group for the new challenge in your life and experience the dedication that Mr. Cisneros puts forth into every new class he teaches!


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Tutoring Available for Master & Journeyman Tests.

This training seminar is for anyone who may work on, near or around electrical equipment. On-site classes also available.

Albert G. Cisneros

State Certified Provider for the State of Texas, #1031

* Master Electrician * IAEI Inspector *

* Arc Flash Training *  Field Investigator * Project Designer * Mediator and Consultant *

Cisneros Training Group provides quality education for licensed and non-licensed electricians who are training for exam preparation and continuing education for the State of Texas. 

Mr. Cisneros, with over 45 years in the electrical trade business, includes informative discussions, slide show presentations, and detailed information on how to pass your state required exam. 

Register yourself and join others who have passed their examination using Mr. Cisneros’ experience and approach!

” We don’t teach, we educate.” 

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